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FMJ body with 22 inch front segment

Extra long hanger allows the use of an 57 inch E-body leaf spring in FMJ cars

1964-65 Plymouth B-body with E-body springs

AR105 conversion spring hanger for early B-body cars. 0.188 steel, zinc plated.

E-body with Super Stock springs

AR104 fits all E-body cars with Super Stock springs. Dual eye-bolt location. .250 material

1966-70 Plymouth B-body, SS springs

AR100 hanger. Extra length for Super Stock springs. 0.250 material, dual eye-bolt location.

1966-70 Dodge B-body, SS springs

AR099 hanger. Extra length for Super Stock springs. .250 material, zinc plated

1964-65 Plymouth B-body

AR098 replacement hangers for the Plymouth B-body or E-body springs on Dodge B-body

1964-70 Dodge B-body

AR097 Heavy duty spring hanger for Dodge B-body. 0.188 material, zinc plated, correct OEM hanger studs.

1966-70 Plymouth B-body

AR095 spring hangers, .188 material, zinc plated, dual ride height.

1962-63 B-body

AR094 hangers fit 1962-63 B-body cars and 1971-72 B-body. Dual eye-bolt holes.

FMJ body

AR109 is a replacement hanger for FMJ cars. 5/8 eye bolt.


AR013 dual height spring hanger, 0.188 steel, zinc plated, 5/8 eye bolt. Fits all 1962 to 1976 A-body cars.

E-body Spring Hanger

AR035, dual location spring hanger, .188 steel, zinc plated, 5/8 eye bolt. Fits all E-body cars.

1964-65 Dodge B-body, SS springs

AR015 Super Stock hangers for early B-body Dodge. Dual eye bolt location, .250 steel material

A-body with Oval Track springs

AR118 spring hangers mount Mopar Oval Track springs to A-body cars. Dual eye-bolt locations.

C-body, 1965-1973

Replacement leaf spring hangers for C-body cars. Dual ride height. AR071

Reinforcement plates, B-body

Pair of reinforcement plates to increase stiffness of the spring hanger mount in any B-body

Reinforcement plates, A/E body

Pair of plates to reinforce the spring hanger box on A-body or E-body cars.
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