Alternator Kits

Alternator conversion kits for SB, BB and Hemi engines.


written by Andy Finkbeiner, owner of AR Engineering.

Coil Brackets

Relocation brackets and brackets for racing coils

Throttle Bracket Kits

Linkage kits for high rise, cross rams, and inline duals. SB, BB and Hemi engines.

Throttle Returns

Tall dual spring kits for SB, BB and Hemi engines.

Master Cylinder Adapters

Profiled adapters for aluminum master cylinders.

Motor Plates

CNC machined plates for big-block and Hemi engines. Drop in plates for A-body, B-body and E-body cars.


Special tool designed for Mopar engines and vehicles.

Valley Plates

Two piece valleys plates for B and RB engines with Indy or Victor heads and one-piece valley plates for use with Trick Flow heads.

Engine Parts

Timing chain covers, water manifolds, cam buttons, brackets and plugs.

Dry Sump

Oil pump block plates and crankshaft pulley drives

Crank & Cam Triggers

Crank trigger brackets and TDC pointers for Jesel belt drives. 36-1 trigger wheels for EFI conversions. Cam sync for big blocks.

Spring Hangers

Full selection of dual ride height spring hangers for A, B and E body cars. Hangers use heavy gauge steel and OEM quality studs.

Pulley Spacers

Crankshaft and water pump pulley spacers.

Chassis Parts

Shock plates, tie down loops, camber spacers and LCA plates

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