Reinforcement plates, B-body

Part No.: AR107

Price: $30


Part number AR107 is a pair of hanger reinforcement plates for B-body and C-body cars.  These reinforcement plates mount on the inside of the hanger box area to add stiffness to this critical part of the chassis.  Similiar to the hanger reinforcement plates used by the factory on Hemi cars.

The AR107 plates can also be used to adjust the axle thrust angle.  Simply place a spacer between the spring hanger and the chassis to move the axle housing back on that side of the vehicle.  This can be used to move the axle housing into proper alignment, or it can be used to create additional rear steer for circle track applications.

Dealers: Mancini Racing, Bob Mazzolini Racing, Doctor Diff, Firm Feel, Richard Ehrenberg

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