You have a lot invested in your car just as we have a lot invested into ours. Since we only sell parts which we test and use ourselves, you can be confident that these parts will work as intended.However, one must also realize that the Chrysler corporation made numerous running changes during production. These constant changes can mean that sometimes what fits one car will not fit another. One must also take into account the fact that many of these cars are 30 to 50 years old and have seen numerous previous owners and multiple modifications. Given that it is always prudent to assume that some “tweaking” might be necessary to get parts to fit or work properly on your specific vehicle.

If something does not seem to be fitting please start by looking at the installation pictures and instructions on this site.  The dealer where you purchased the part is also a good resource to check with.  We have installed all of these parts on our own test vehicles so they do fit our stuff, but it is possibe that something might not fit your car.  If that is the case then we want to hear about it and we’ll want to see some pictures too.

 If your AR Engineering part fails during the first year after purchase, return the part for a full examination. If we determine that the part failed due to a manufacturing or design error we will replace the part at our expense. Our judgment is final in these cases.  This is our policy, however, the dealer where you purchased the part may have additional restrictions which they impose on returns.

While AR Engineering stands behind the quality of our products, we cannot extend our warranty to consequential damages or related items. This means that if one of our parts fails and causes other damage, we will only replace the AR Engineering part. We will not be responsible for other resulting damages or injuries if they occur. This is an important limitation on your potential claim, please understand these terms before placing an order. Due to the extreme conditions encountered during racing events, we cannot extend any type of warranty to cover such activities.

AR Engineering parts are not produced in accordance with DOT requirements or the requirements of various state regulations and statutes. Therefore, we make no guarantee that these parts will be allowed by state inspections or other government regulatory activities. If you live in an area where brake inspections are mandatory, you should check with local authorities before installing aftermarket kits. We believe that our parts will enhance the performance of your car, however, local authorities are rarely empowered to make such determinations and they may have the ability to ban anything that does not appear to be OEM.



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