BB Timing Chain Cover

Part No.: AR224

Price: $400


Billet timing chain cover with a removable center.  The removable center allows a person to inspect the cam drive and adjust it if they are using an adjustable top gear.  If the Cloyes Hex-A-Just 9-3125A timing set is used, then the cam timing can be adjusted with the timing cover installed. The center plate is sealed with double o-rings for leak free operation and it is rigid enough to control camshaft endplay. O-rings are standard Parker 2-041 and 2-044 size for easy replacement.  The front of the cover is machined to accept a stock oil seal as well as the stock oil slinger.  An adjustable TDC pointer is included.  This cover fits under aluminum water pump housings without the need for any spacers and will work with an electric water pump.  The ATI damper 917122E will clear this cover as will OEM dampers and the standard dampers from BHJ and Fluidampr. The oil seal installs from the front and can be replaced without removing the timing cover from the engine.  These billet covers work with the AR281 cam button, the AR206 crank trigger bracket, the AR207 alternator bracket kit, and it fits all of the AR Engineering motor plates.

Used With: AR206, AR207, AR281

Dealers: Mancini Racing, Hughes Engines, Bob Mazzolini Racing, For Hemis Only

Instructions: View PDF File

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