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36-1 Trigger Wheel, BBC

36-1 trigger wheel with a BB Chevy bolt pattern

EFI Trigger Kit for Jesel belt drive

AR177M has 12x1mm thread for use with metric crank trigger sensors

Trigger wheel pickup for billet timing cover

AR226K EFI sensor pickup bracket kit for stock or billet timing cover

EFI trigger wheel for stock water pump

AR065 pulley and trigger wheel combination that fits a stock water pump and pulley

EFI 36-1 Trigger Wheel

AR402DM 36-1 trigger wheel with Mopar 6 bolt pattern

Short 3/4 inch pickup

AR381 is shorter than AR179 to work with a damper that has a built in trigger wheel.

Crank Trigger Kit

AR177K crank trigger bracket kit containing both the AR177 bracket and the AR179 mount.

Cam sync, B and RB engines

AR403 cam sync housing for B and RB engines
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