Crank Trigger Kit

Part No.: AR177K

Price: $175


This crank trigger bracket assembly solves several issues for engine builders who are using the Jesel belt drive system on a big block or Hemi motor.  This bracket assembly provides a mounting location for a ¾-16 thread crank trigger pickup as well as an adjustable TDC pointer.  This kit is designed to work with the MSD trigger wheel mounted on an ATI #917127E damper.  (The #917127E damper with its longer hub is required to clear the belt drive assembly)  The crank trigger bracket has dimple marks located every 2 degrees of crank rotation for quick timing adjustments. An MSD pickup is not included in this kit. The AR177K bracket will also work with a Holley 554-118 Hall effect sensor if you are converting to EFI. If you are using the 12mm sensor for EFI then order AR177M and we will swap out the 3/4 inch bracket and replace it with a 12mm bracket.


Used With: AR259, AR260, AR299, AR381

Dealers: Mancini Racing, Hughes Engines, Bob Mazzolini Racing, For Hemis Only

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