Throttle Cable Primer

One of the biggest problems the Mopar hobby has is lack of information provided by the factory about currently available parts. There are a lot of useful items still available over the counter at your local dealer, but the factory just doesn’t have a mechanism to tell us about them.Throttle cables are a great example of this situation. Most Mopar enthusiasts do not realize that new throttle cables are still available from their local dealer parts counter. While it is true that many of the original cables are no longer available, the cables that are available come in enough lengths to cover most applications.

The problem though, is that if you walk into a dealership and ask for a throttle cable that is 24 inches long, they will laugh at you. Part counter folks usually only know part numbers or applications and the parts books do not list length. Hot rodders on the other hand, know what length they need but they have no idea what the original application or part number was! No wonder the two groups rarely see eye to eye.

Seeing that this was a common problem in the Mopar world, we decided to do something about it! So we took the bosses credit card and ordered up one of each cable still available for the early style round firewall clip. When we got the cables we sat down and measured them and then took some photos.

Side note – Mopar cars used round firewall throttle clips until the mid-70’s when they went to a square style. The problem is that A body cars stayed round until 1976, B body changed in 1971, and who knows when C body cars changed. The boss canceled the credit card before we could buy a stash of the square body cables so you’re on your own if you have a later model car.

So enough of this chatter, lets cut to the chase and give you the info you need.Part number Length, end to end Original Application

P4529112 19.75 inches Street Hemi

2899 339 20.50 inches Small block A body

2951 459 21.00 inches C body big block

4088 095 24.00 inches Pickup truck, big block

2899 335 24.38 inches Slant 6 A body

3577535 , small block 4bbl, 22.46″ overall
The trick is to measure your existing cable and then find the nearest size to what you need. Obviously, you’ll want to be a little too long rather than too short. Once you get your new cable in place you should adjust it per the instructions in the service manual and then you are ready to go.


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