Thermostat spacer with EFI sensor port

Part No.: AR438

Price: $49


AR438 is a spacer which moves the thermostat up one inch to provide room for a fuel injection TX3 type coolant temp sensor. The new EFI kits from FAST and Holley require a TX3 coolant temp sensor but factory water pump housings do not have an extra 3/8 NPT port available. This spacer provides an offset location so the coolant sensor will not interfere with the operation of the thermostat. The sensor location is tapped for 3/8 NPT and the bottom face of the spacer has an o-ring so no gasket is required. The top surface accepts a Mopar style thermostat and must be used with a stock replacement gasket.

Dealers: Mancini Racing, Hughes Engines, Bob Mazzolini Racing, Fast Man EFI

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