Driver, dust cap

Part No.: AR213

Price: $20.00


AR213 – Dust cap installer tool is used to install the dust caps on the front hubs of later model rear wheel drive Mopar vehicles.  This tool is designed to fit dust cap #3580894 which fits all the 1973 or newer model A,B and E body cars.  The 3580894 dust cap fits the 1973 or newer disc brake knuckle which is very popular to retrofit to earlier vehicles.  Without this tool the dust cap is often dinged or smashed during installation.  This tool fits on the reinforced edge of the dust cap and allows a person to strike the dust cap squarely with a hammer without causing any damage.

Dealers: Mancini Racing, Hughes Engines, Richard Ehrenberg

Driver, hub seal

Part No.: AR222

Price: $25.00


AR222 – Seal installer for wheel bearing seals.  This tool is designed to install the inner wheel bearing seal for 1973 or newer brake rotors.  Tool fits seal number 3580723.

Dealers: Mancini Racing, Richard Ehrenberg

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