EFI trigger wheel for stock water pump

Part No.: AR065

Price: $350


AR065 is a trigger wheel and pulley combination that fits with a stock Mopar big block water pump and pulley.  AR065 consists of both the 36-1 trigger wheel and the deep groove pulley. Designed to work with ATI 917122E damper. Use with AR226K sensor bracket kit.

Used With: AR226K

Dealers: Mancini Racing, Hughes Engines, Bob Mazzolini Racing, Fast Man EFI

Trigger wheel pickup for billet timing cover

Part No.: AR226M

Price: $150


AR226M is a trigger wheel pickup bracket assembly that fits a stock timing cover or the AR224 billet cover. The sensor bracket has a M12 x 1 thread for the Holley 554-124 sensor. This bracket kit bolts directly to the AR224 billet timing cover or can be used with a stock timing cover by using the included spacers. Designed to fit the 917122E ATI damper. AR226M is designed to work with the AR065 wheel and pulley combo, but it can also be used with the AR402DM trigger wheel.

Used With: AR065, AR402DM

Dealers: Mancini Racing, Hughes Engines, Bob Mazzolini Racing, Fast Man EFI

EFI Trigger Kit for Jesel belt drive

Part No.: AR177M

Price: $175


AR177M is a trigger bracket designed to work with the AR Engineering 36-1 trigger wheel (AR402DM). The AR177M has the same adjustable TDC pointer as the AR177K but the trigger bracket is drilled and tapped for 12x1mm thread in order to accept the Holley 554-124 sensor. This kit is designed to work with a Jesel belt drive and an ATI 917127E damper.

Used With: AR402DM, AR402BBC

Dealers: Mancini Racing, Hughes Engines, Fast Man EFI

Short 3/4 inch pickup

Part No.: AR381

Price: $55


This is a shorter version of the AR179 pickup bracket for an ATI damper with a built in trigger wheel. Use with the AR177K crank trigger bracket kit with Jesel belt drives, or install on the AR206 bracket for use with an AR Engineering billet timing chain cover. The AR381 crank trigger bracket is designed to work with the ATI damper that For Hemis Only (FHO) has built for their engine programs. Contact Tim at FHO to purchase this bracket and the matching damper.

Used With: AR177K, AR206

Dealers: For Hemis Only

Crank Trigger Kit

Part No.: AR177K

Price: $175


This crank trigger bracket assembly solves several issues for engine builders who are using the Jesel belt drive system on a big block or Hemi motor.  This bracket assembly provides a mounting location for a ¾-16 thread crank trigger pickup as well as an adjustable TDC pointer.  This kit is designed to work with the MSD trigger wheel mounted on an ATI #917127E damper.  (The #917127E damper with its longer hub is required to clear the belt drive assembly)  The crank trigger bracket has dimple marks located every 2 degrees of crank rotation for quick timing adjustments. An MSD pickup is not included in this kit. The AR177K bracket will also work with a Holley 554-118 Hall effect sensor if you are converting to EFI. If you are using the 12mm sensor for EFI then order AR177M and we will swap out the 3/4 inch bracket and replace it with a 12mm bracket.


Used With: AR259, AR260, AR299, AR381

Dealers: Mancini Racing, Hughes Engines, Bob Mazzolini Racing, For Hemis Only

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