EFI Trigger Kit for Jesel belt drive

Part No.: AR177M

Price: $175


AR177M is a trigger bracket designed to work with the AR Engineering 36-1 trigger wheel (AR402DM). The AR177M has the same adjustable TDC pointer as the AR177K but the trigger bracket is drilled and tapped for 12x1mm thread in order to accept the Holley 554-124 sensor. This kit is designed to work with a Jesel belt drive and an ATI 917127E damper.

Used With: AR402DM, AR402BBC

Dealers: Mancini Racing, Hughes Engines, Fast Man EFI

Oil Pan Support Rails

Part No.: AR389

Price: $60


AR389 is a set of oil pan support rails for big block and Hemi engines. The set consists of four support rails which are used to stiffen the oil pan flange to prevent leaks.

Dealers: Mancini Racing, Hughes Engines, Bob Mazzolini Racing

Dry sump distributor plug

Part No.: AR364

Price: $40


Distributor plug for use with a belt drive distributor and a belt drive oil pump.  The plug can be held in place with a standard distributor hold down bracket.  The top of the plug is drilled and tapped for easy removal from the block. The bottom of the plug is cut off short.

Dealers: Mancini Racing, Hughes Engines

Small block, A-body

Part No.: AR361

Price: $225


Motor plate for LA style small block engines. Fits the 1967 to 1976 A-body chassis. Motor plate is made from 0.375 thick 6061-T6 material and is CNC machined for consistent fit and finish. The AR361 motor plate fits best when used with the WP115 water pump back plate from Meziere. If the back plate is not used then the fuel pump housing will need to be ground down or welded up.

An electric water pump can be mounted to the front of the AR361 motor plate. The AR361 motor plate is designed to work with the AR370 alternator kit. The AR361 plate is 33.25 inches wide and the engine is offset 1.375 inches towards the passenger side.

Dealers: Mancini Racing

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