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Alternator Kits
AR016 Pigtail harness for Denso 210-0106 alternators $18.00
AR019 Denso 60 amp kit, Big Block $55.00
AR020 Denso 60 amp kit, Hemi $55.00
AR022 Denso 60 amp kit, small blocks $55.00
AR207 Big Block Motor Plate Kit $65.00
AR442 Low Mount 90A, BB $60
AR443 Low Mount 60A Kit, BB $60
SA171 How to Build Max-Performance Mopar Big Blocks $25.00
SA191 Mopar B-Body Performance Upgrades 1962-1979 $25.00
Chassis Parts
AR012 B/E/A Body Cars $20.00
AR076 Tie down loops, pair $25.00
AR076D Tie Down Loops, A body, Rear $25
AR167 Center cap, Bullit wheel $35.00
AR324 Camber spacers, kit $18.00
AR329 Block off plate, heater $24.00
AR431 Shock Plate, Race Style $100
AR434 Shock plate, stock style $85
S188 Wiper motor cover $18
Coil Brackets
AR033 Horizontal mount, big blocks $22.00
AR054 Hemi with MSD Blaster SS $15.00
AR208 Vertical mount, single bolt $15.00
AR306 MSD Blaster, big block $15.00
AR307 MSD Blaster coil, small block $15.00
Crank Trigger
AR065 EFI trigger wheel for stock water pump $300
AR177K Crank Trigger Kit $145.00
AR177M EFI Trigger Kit for Jesel belt drive $145.00
AR226M Trigger wheel pickup for billet timing cover $120
AR381 Short 3/4 inch pickup $55
AR402DM EFI 36-1 Trigger Wheel $225.00
AR403 Cam sync, B and RB engines $250.00
Dry Sump
AR337 Block plate, low profile $150.00
Engine Parts
AR123 Fuel pump blockoff, billet, big block Mopar $24.00
AR221 Distributor Plug, RB and Hemi $66.00
AR224 BB Timing Chain Cover $350.00
AR244 Water pump spacers, big block, top exit $175.00
AR279 Plug, dipstick $5.50
AR281 Cam button, big block and Hemi $45.00
AR295 Distributor plug, B engine $66.00
AR318 RB Valley Rails $33
AR358 Oil pump gasket, SB $3.50
AR364 Dry sump distributor plug $35
AR389 Oil Pan Support Rails $45
AR401 Valley Rails, B Engine $33.00
AR438 Thermostat spacer with EFI sensor port $49
Master Cylinder Adapters
AR058 Master cylinder adapter, four studs $40.00
AR059 Master cylinder adapter, no studs $40.00
AR060 Offset MC adapter,Hemi A body, 2 stud MC $80.00
Motor Plates
AR121 Bracket kit, motor plates $25.00
AR133 B/E body, CNC profiled $175.00
AR140 Crankshaft pulley spacer, 3/8 thick $45.00
AR146 A-body, CNC profiled $175.00
AR204 B/E body,Solid Plate $175.00
AR205 A-body, solid plate $175.00
AR207 Big Block Motor Plate Kit $65.00
AR361 Small block, A-body $175
Pulley Spacers
AR111 Crankshaft pulley spacer, 0.125 thick $9.00
AR112 Water pump spacer $4.50
AR140 Crankshaft pulley spacer, 3/8 thick $45.00
Spring Hangers
AR013 A-body $75.00
AR015 1964-65 Dodge B-body, SS springs $80.00
AR035 E-body $75.00
AR071 C-body, 1965-1973 $75.00
AR094 1962-63 B-body $75.00
AR095 1966-70 Plymouth B-body $75.00
AR097 1964-70 Dodge B-body $75.00
AR098 1964-65 Plymouth B-body $75.00
AR099 1966-70 Dodge B-body, SS springs $80.00
AR100 1966-70 Plymouth B-body, SS springs $80.00
AR104 E-body with Super Stock springs $80.00
AR105 1964-65 Plymouth B-body with E-body springs $75.00
AR107 Reinforcement plates, B-body $25.00
AR108 Reinforcement plates, A/E body $25.00
AR109 FMJ body $75.00
AR110 FMJ body with 22 inch front segment $80.00
AR118 A-body with Oval Track springs $75.00
Throttle Bracket Kits
AR002 Tall bracket kit, 413, 426W, 440 $55.00
AR002B Tall bracket kit, 383 and 400 $55.00
AR004 Smallblock, 318, 340 and 360 $55.00
AR004M Magnum Engines $55.00
AR005 Extra tall bracket,413,426W and 440 $55.00
AR005B Extra tall bracket, 383 and 400 $55.00
AR007 Crate Hemi $40.00
AR009 Small block with W2 heads $55.00
AR018 440 with kickdown pivot $36.00
AR036 383 with kickdown pivot $36.00
AR075 Stage V Hemi intake $155.00
AR103 Max Wedge cross ram $250.00
AR134 Indy cross ram $155.00
AR134EFI EFI throttle bracket $55
AR134MM Mod Man Dual Carb $155.00
AR134S Sniper Throttle Bracket $55
AR153 Hemi with Indy 426-3 manifold $49.00
AR185 Small-block Indy intake $55.00
AR217 Marine Hemi intake $155.00
AR287 Edelbrock CH-28 $155.00
AR315 5.7 Hemi with dual inline carbs $155.00
Throttle Returns
AR008 Big Block $25.00
AR027 Small Block $25.00
AR037 W2 $25.00
AR085 Crate Hemi $25.00
AR119 Big block with Indy heads $25.00
AR155 Indy dual plane $25.00
AR156 Hemi with Indy intake $25.00
AR194 Small block with Indy heads $25.00
AR369 Mod Man single carb $25
AR042 Damper Holder tool $18.00
AR069 Rear end yoke holder $22.00
AR083 Valvetrain Checking Plate, big block and Hemi $19.00
AR213 Driver, dust cap $20.00
AR222 Driver, hub seal $25.00
AR263 Damper Holder, Chevy pattern $18.00
AR303 Crankshaft Holder $19.00
AR308 Crankshaft Strap $15.00
AR319 Valvetrain checking plate, small block $19.00
Transmission Parts
AR066 Starter Shield for mini starter $18.00
Valley Plates
AR182A Solid plate, RB blocks $175.00
AR300A Solid Plate, B block $175.00
AR392 Batwing gasket holders $30.00
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