Tie Down Loops, A body, Rear

Part No.: AR076D

Price: $25


Rear tie down loops for A body cars. These loops bolt to the spring shackle mounts at the rear of the car when the leaf springs have been relocated or replaced with a racing suspension. This is an easy and inexpensive way to add chassis tie down loops to your A body race car.

Dealers: Mancini Racing, Hughes Engines, Bob Mazzolini Racing

Shock Plate, Race Style

Part No.: AR431

Price: $100


AR431 is a race style shock plate kit complete with weld on double shear shock mounts. The weld on shock mounts use a 1/2 inch diameter bolt as the lower shock mount. The lower shock mount holds the shock on each side (double shear) rather than the stock pin style mount. The shock mount is loose in the kit and needs to be welded into the correct location to provide the proper shock travel for the car.

Dealers: Mancini Racing, Hughes Engines, Bob Mazzolini Racing

Shock plate, stock style

Part No.: AR434

Price: $85


AR434 is a replacement shock plate designed to accept the bolt in shock stud from Mancini Racing. The MRE 35511 shock stud bolts, or welds, onto this plate to provide the proper shock mount. The MRE shock stud can be turned down to work with a shock that has a smaller eye size such as the Koni shocks. The AR434 shock plate has a built in tie down eye and is made from 0.250 thick steel.

Dealers: Mancini Racing, Hughes Engines, Bob Mazzolini Racing

Wiper motor cover

Part No.: S188

Price: $18


S188 covers the hole left in the firewall when removing the wiper motor on an A-body car. Made from powder coated aluminum the cover bolts in place using the existing hardware.

Dealers: Mancini Racing, Hughes Engines, Bob Mazzolini Racing

Block off plate, heater

Part No.: AR329

Price: $24.00


AR329 – block off plate for the blower motor on 1964-72 A-body cars.  The heater blower motor is often removed on A-body car when installing a big-block or Hemi engine.  This 14 ga aluminum plate is designed to bolt into the existing holes in the firewall to cover the hole left when removing the blower motor.  AR329 plate includes pressed in studs and comes with the correct gasket from Detroit Muscle Technologies.

Dealers: Mancini Racing, Hughes Engines, Bob Mazzolini Racing

Center cap, Bullit wheel

Part No.: AR167

Price: $35.00


AR167 – Billet aluminum center cap for the M-1007-J178 Mustang Bullit wheel.  These caps are necessary when using the 13 inch brake kits since the Mopar dust cap is too large to fit inside the plastic center cap in the wheels.  These caps are also a great way to dress up the Mustang rims and get rid of the Ford pony logo which comes on the center caps.  The AR167 caps are a press on design and are retained by an o-ring.  For high speed use we recommend using some RTV to glue the center caps to the rims. AR167 consists of one cap.

Used With: AR189, AR190

Dealers: Reilly Motorsports

Tie down loops, pair

Part No.: AR076

Price: $25.00


Tie down loops are designed to mount on most any Mopar chassis using the existing bumper bracket mounts. The AR076 kit contains two brackets made from 0.188 thick steel. The brackets are zinc plated for corrosion resistance. Tie down brackets can be used at both the front and the rear of the car to secure a race car onto a trailer.

Dealers: Mancini Racing, Bob Mazzolini Racing

B/E/A Body Cars

Part No.: AR012

Price: $20.00


Stiffen up your lower control arms by welding on the LCA Box Plate Kit from AR Engineering. The AR012 kit contains two steel plates which can be welded onto A, B, or E-body lower control arms. Used on the Green Brick!

AR012 will fit all E-body cars and all A-body cars, as well as 1962-1972 B-body cars.

Dealers: Mancini Racing, Firm Feel, Richard Ehrenberg

Camber spacers, kit

Part No.: AR324

Price: $18.00


Four spacers that fit between the steering knuckle and the lower ball joint to increase camber.  Designed for autocross or road racing.  Use on street cars will increase tire wear. Adds 2 degrees of camber.

Dealers: Mancini Racing, Bob Mazzolini Racing, Firm Feel

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