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Crankshaft Holder

Works with 6 or 8 bolt crankshaft. Use with a breaker bar to keep the crank from rotating.

Valvetrain Checking Plate, big block and Hemi

Dial indicator plate for big block and Hemi engines

Valvetrain checking plate, small block

Dial indicator mount for small block Mopar engines

Crankshaft Strap

Simple tool used to prevent the crankshaft from turning while installing or removing the damper bolt

Rear end yoke holder

Holds the rear end yoke while removing the pinion nut

Damper Holder tool

Easy way to hold the damper while installing or removing the crankshaft bolt.

Damper Holder, Chevy pattern

Damper holding tool used when the damper has the BB Chevy pulley pattern.

Driver, hub seal

Used to install wheel bearing seals on 1973 or newer disc brakes

Driver, dust cap

Simple driver tool designed to install the dust caps on 1973 or newer disc brakes
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