EFI 36-1 Trigger Wheel

Part No.: AR402DM

Price: $225.00


AR402DM is a 6 bolt trigger wheel for EFI applications. The 36-1 tooth configuration is compatible with Holley HP and Dominator EFI systems. Use with the AR177M crank trigger bracket and a Holley 554-124 sensor for a complete crank trigger solution. The AR402DM trigger wheel is a drop in replacement for the MSD trigger wheel. The AR402DM is 7.50 inches in diameter, 3/8 inch thick and includes a machined centering ring for the crank pulley. The 6 bolt pattern is evenly spaced for use with aftermarket dampers. The TDC tooth is marked with a dimple, the 7th tooth after the gap is scribed with a line. Rotate the engine to TDC firing then point the crank sensor at the line on the 7th tooth and your timing should be close enough to fire the engine. Does not fit with a stock water pump housing.

Used With: AR177M

Dealers: Mancini Racing, Hughes Engines, Fast Man EFI

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