Billet bracket, 3/4-16 pickup, 8″ wheel

Part No.: AR260

Price: $55.00


AR260 – Crank trigger pickup mount for the 3/4-16 pickup when using the 8 inch diameter BB Chevy trigger wheel #8621 on the ATI 917120 damper.  Many professional engine builders use the ATI 917120 damper on Mopar big block and Hemi engines in order to use the more common Chevy crankshaft pulley options.  If you are running the larger diameter Chevy type trigger wheel then you’ll need to use this bracket with the AR177K crank trigger kit. Will also work with the Holley 554-118 sensor if you are converting to EFI.

Used With: AR177K

Dealers: Mancini Racing, Hughes Engines

Instructions: View PDF File

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