Oil Pan Support Rails

AR389 is a set of oil pan support rails for big block and Hemi engines.

SB motorplate kit

Motorplate alternator kit for the SB Mopar race engine

Short 3/4 inch pickup

Shorter pickup bracket to use with a damper that has a built in trigger wheel.

SB Timing Chain Cover

Radical new two-piece timing chain cover for SB Mopar engines

Mod Man Dual Carb

Linkage kit for the Mod Man dual carb intake

Mod Man single carb

Throttle return for the Indy Cylinder Heads Mod Man intake manifold

Dry sump distributor plug

Distributor plug for engines with a belt driven oil pump.

Block Plate, NPT Fitting

Block plate is threaded for 1/2 inch NPT threads

Small block, A-body

3/8 motor plate for small block engines in A-body cars

Water Manifolds for Small Block

Water manifolds provide a simple connection for AN fittings when using an external water pump.

Hemi with MSD Blaster SS

Hemi coil bracket mounts the popular MSD Blaster SS coil in stock location.

Crank Trigger Kit

AR177K crank trigger bracket kit containing both the AR177 bracket and the AR179 mount.

Hanger nuts

Correct 3/8-16 hex nuts with large diameter washers. Fits all spring hangers.

C-body, 1965-1973

Replacement leaf spring hangers for C-body cars. Dual ride height.

Hanger Bolts

Correct OEM style 5/8 inch eye bolt kit for all spring hangers. Includes locking nuts.

Oil pump gasket, SB

Oil pump gasket for small block Mopar engines

Block off plate, heater

14 ga aluminum block off plate covers the blower motor hole in the firewall

Plug, dipstick

Plug for dipstick hole in block when the dipstick has been removed or relocated

Clear center cover

Clear polycarbonate cover for valley plates. Useful for dyno testing.

Victor heads, RB block

Billet two-piece valley cover for RB engines with Victor heads

Victor heads, B block

Billet two-piece valley plate for B engines with Victor heads

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