Products » Motor Plates

B/E body, CNC profiled

3/8 thick motor plate for big-block and Hemi engines in B-body or E-body cars

Crankshaft pulley spacer, 3/8 thick

Corrects the pulley alignment when using a motor plate

B/E body,Solid Plate

Solid version of the B-body and E-body motor plate. For big-block and Hemi engines

A-body, solid plate

Solid motor plate, .375 thick, A-body cars with big-block or Hemi

Motorplate kit, big block

Motor plate mount for lightweight Powermaster 8162 or 8172 alternator

Small block, A-body

3/8 motor plate for small block engines in A-body cars

A-body, CNC profiled

0.375 thick motor plate for A-body cars with big-block or Hemi engines

Bracket kit, motor plates

Motor plate hold down brackets
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