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Oil Pan Support Rails

AR389 is a set of oil pan support rails for big block and Hemi engines.

Distributor Plug, RB and Hemi

Plugs distributor hole in block when using a belt driven distributor

Plug, dipstick

Plug for dipstick hole in block when the dipstick has been removed or relocated

Water Manifolds for Small Block

Water manifolds provide a simple connection for AN fittings when using an external water pump.

Water pump spacers, big block, top exit

Water manifold spacers with top outlet. Provide clearance for a belt driven distributor.

Fuel pump blockoff, billet, big block Mopar

Billet cover for fuel pump. Narrower profile fits race blocks.

Cam button, big block and Hemi

AR281 cam button controls camshaft end play when using the AR224 billet timing chain cover.

Water manifolds for big block or Hemi

Water manifolds provide connection to a remote water pump.

BB Timing Chain Cover

Billet timing chain cover for big block and Hemi engines

SB Timing Chain Cover

Radical new two-piece timing chain cover for SB Mopar engines

Dry sump distributor plug

Distributor plug for engines with a belt driven oil pump.

Valley Rails

Billet valley rails for RB (413, 426W, 440) blocks

Distributor plug, B engine

Distributor block off for low deck engines. Use when running a belt drive distributor.

Oil pump gasket, SB

Oil pump gasket for small block Mopar engines
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